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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hamilton County Fairgrounds

2003 Pleasant Street,  Noblesville IN 46060

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Dear Masters, Instructors, Students and Friends,

It is with great pleasure and respect that I invite you to the 2017 Indiana AAU Taekwondo Championships to be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Hamilton County Fairground in Noblesville, Indiana. We are preparing an event that will draw instructors and students from all over Indiana and the Midwest.

I appreciate your support for my personal tournament and/or the AAU in the past and look forward to your support this year. I am confident that you will represent your school, the Indiana AAU and the art of Taekwondo well, both in skill and in sportsmanship.

This event is a great opportunity for your Taekwondo school and your students to come home with an official title as an AAU State Champion and then challenge themselves to take it to the next level at the AAU Nationals or Junior Olympic Games.

This event is the Indiana Qualifier to put together the Indiana team to participate in the 2017 AAU National Taekwondo Championships which will be held in Ft Lauderdale, FL on July 3 - July 8 and for the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Novi, MI on August 1 - August 3.

It has been a true honor, privilege and pleasure to have been able to serve and train with so many of you in the past and I look forward seeing more of you in the future. We look forward to putting together a strong Indiana team in both skill and in sportsmanship. You are an important part of that team.

Again, we are looking forward to an exciting, challenging and enjoyable event and we are looking forward to seeing you on May 6th at the 2017 Indiana AAU Taekwondo Championships at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Noblesville, Indiana.




Master James Crays, Director

Indiana AAU Taekwondo Association