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To offer amateur sports programs through a volunteer base for all people to have the physical, mental, and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

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Courtesy (Ye Ui) Being Polite and Respectful
Courtesy promotes mutual understanding, harmony, peacefulness, humbleness, cooperation, respect, and a sense of justice. Courtesy may be displayed as:

Politeness: Say please and thank you, open/hold doors for others, or ask instead of telling.
Distinction of Roles: The ways we speak or act with respect toward our seniors, elders, or    teachers and the care and concern we show toward our juniors.
Consideration of Others: Be aware of how others think and feel and treat others with kindness and compassion. feel and treat others with kindness and compassion.
Compliment/Honor Others: Recognize good in others and acknowledge their actions or thoughts.
Indulgence: Ignoring a slight or meanness, or an unimportant mistake or error
Deference: Allow another person to go first because it will be helpful, kind, or respectful to that person.
Generosity: Give or make something available to someone out of kindness.
Integrity (Yom Chi) Always Doing the Right Thing
In Taekwondo, we must be able to determine right from wrong and to have a conscience. We must always seek to integrate our thoughts, feelings, and values within ourselves and with the world in which we live through consistent actions. If we demonstrate integrity in our daily interactions with others, people will learn to regard us as dependable, responsible, and honest. Integrity may be displayed as:

Honesty: Be truthful with yourself and others.
Consistency: Tour actions match your words and stay the same on a daily basis.
Loyalty: Be faithful to the people and practices that are important in your life and acknowledge the positive role that people, such as family and friends, and practices, such as Taekwondo, have had in your life.
Adherence to a Standard of Values: Be mindful of what is right and what is wrong.
Learning from Mistakes: Use your mistakes as a tool to avoid making the same mistakes again.
Perseverance (In Nae) Never Giving Up
In Perseverance is the quality of being insistent. Success comes to those who do not give up. It takes a lot of work to achieve something truly great. A large amount of personal satisfaction may be gained from the growth, mastery, and self-knowledge that come from practice and commitment to a goal. Perseverance may be displayed as:

Patience: Ability to calmly proceed when things become slow or difficult.
Focus on Goals: Keep in mind what it is that you are trying to achieve.
Overcoming Obstacles: Find ways to keep working toward your goal when difficult situations arise.
Following Your Convictions: Be true to what you think is right and important.
Self-Control (Guk Gi) Being Master of One's Own Impulses
A loss of self-control in class may result in injury to yourself and others. Your ability to get along and adapt to your environment and to recognize your capabilities is also a measure of self-control. An inability to live within your capabilities demonstrates a lack of self-control. For example, if during sparring one does not have the control to kick to the face without contact but does so anyway, this reflects a lack of self-control that could have dangerous consequences. Self-control means never having to say you are sorry. Self-control may be displayed as:

Restraint: Way we control our actions when we are upset or angry.
Discipline: Ability to stay consistently focused on your goals, and on the actions required to achieve those goals.
Self-Mastery: Control over and awareness of your actions and words.
Discretion: Do not violate confidences, or speak or act in ways that will unnecessarily hurt others.
Will Power: Have the energy, desire, and attitude to continue a course of action even in the presence of obstacles and hardships.
Dignity: Keep a calm exterior in the face of adversity.
Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgol) Never Wanting to Give Up
Indomitable spirit means standing up for what is just, regardless of who tells you that you are wrong. It means having the courage to be yourself at all times, and to do what you think is right regardless of the pressures people put on you. Finally, it means having a strong spirit that is not crushed or swayed by adversity or obstacles.